Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Teen Mom 2 - Season 1 episode 1

WOW that was one roller coaster of an episode!

Leah and Corey broke up after he found out she Cheated on him with Robbie her ex-boyfriend. She now feels like she made a huge mistake and wants Corey back. He is still really hurt by all that happened though and even missed her graduation that she really wanted him to come to.

She decides to plan a dinner for their "would be 1 year" anniversary, she invited him and he decides that he will have dinner with her when he picks the girls up. You can tell he has hurt feelings when he makes a comment about not knowing who has been in her bed! She is hurt and starts crying and tells him she is sorry and shouldn't be punished forever, she had learned from her mistakes. They both cry and she helps him get the girls ready to go to his house for the weekend.

Kail and Joe are fighting a lot. She is still living at his parents house with him. Things are getting bad between them and Joe tells her he wants to break up, he feels unappreciated and needs his space. Kail tells her mom who doesn't even offer her a place to stay!  She talks to Joe's Mom who lets her move to a room in the basement...Joe's Mom is such an awesome lady!

Joe is not happy with the arrangement and it creates lots of tension in the house. Kail tells friends she is just happy when she gets to leave the house to go to work, and is looking forward to starting collage after summer. She meets a guy at work, but doesn't agree to go out with him and gives him a maybe when he asks.

Chelsea is raising her daughter by herself and Adam is no longer in her life. She is living with her Dad but wanted to be living on her own. Her Dad..who is so supportive is willing to pay her rent if she stays in school and graduates. So her and her friend Megan decide to move in together.

They move into a nice house, but Chelsea has a lot of trouble concentrating on school. She gets asked out on a date over the phone from a guy she went to school with. Megan told her to go, that it would be good for her. She went on her didn't go great. She decides to go talk to her Dad, and they have a heartfelt talk about how she is worried about being alone for a long time. Her Dad reassures her that she's never alone <3

Janelle's story is intense. She is still ALWAYS fighting with her mom Barb, and partying all the time. Although I must say it seems like her mom is exaggerating things for the camera's. You see the 2 argue back and forth about how Janelle doesn't care for Jace, and how she is always out partying. Janelle insists she doesn't feel bad because she only goes out after Jace is in bed.

Janelle is sleeping in bed the morning after partying and her mom is taking the baby to daycare, she doesn't even get up to kiss him goodbye. Why is he going to daycare anyways if she is home?  Things get even worse when Barb wont let Janelle dress the baby, change his diaper or feed him, this makes Janelle mad and she goes to her room on the computer. Barb disconnects the Internet on her...this is when things go crazy, Janelle and her mom start fighting over the router and Janelle pushes her mom, then leaves the house and baby Jace.

A few days later she goes back to see Jace, and someone is there to serve her papers for custody of Jace. Janelle loses it, cursing telling her mom she will punch her in the face. You can hear her friends in the background saying "her mom better run, Janelle's p'd off. Janelle ends up leaving with her friends again and once again leaving baby Jace there.

If you missed this episode you can watch it at MTV from the US, or MTV Canada from Canada

This season of Teen Mom looks like it is going to be out of control, and I can't wait for next week! What about you like these girls?

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