Thursday, December 2, 2010

Britney Spears Claims Boyfriend Jason Trawick Beat Her

The whole world watched as Britney Spears went from a teen pop sensation, to young troubled starlet and mom losing custody of her babies. She seemed to hit rock bottom and then we all witnessed as she started to straighten her life out and get things back on track, news on Britney went quiet.

Now in a twist in the life of Britney, Star Magazine has all the details of abuse at the hands of Jason Trawick, cheating allegations with a  teenager, and even an abortion earlier this year. It is reported that there is recorded audio of the troubled starlet confessing to ex husband  Jason Alexander about the abuse she suffered at the hands of then  boyfriend, Jason Trawick.

In the audio Britney claims she did not report the abuse to the police because she did not want to public to know about it, so she just left him and changed her phone number. Spears manager,  Larry Rudolph, claims the tape is a fake. Spears ex-husband Jason Alexander stands behind his claim that the recording is in fact Britney Spears and authentic.

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