Thursday, December 2, 2010

Teen Mom - Amber Portwood Gets Leah Back

We have been watching Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood since she was first introduced to us by MTV on 16 and Pregnant. We watched her journey through pregnancy as a teenager into motherhood. Now she is a 20 year old women who we all follow on Teen Mom.

Amber has been having some personal issues and trouble in her life. We all watched on Teen Mom, as Amber and her on again off again fiance Gary Shirley got into a fight and she became violent with him. After many complaints after the airing of that episode of Teen Mom, the police launched in investigation into Amber. They ordered MTV to give them copies of all the footage shot for the show regarding the incident that was aired.
As many people worried, the police confirmed that Amber and Gary's young daughter Leah was present for Amber's violent temper and witnessed her mom hitting and kicking her Dad. This is a terribly sad situation for little Leah, who should not have to grow up around the violence.

Following this investigation Leah was deemed to be a Ward of the State and placed in the temporary custody of her Father Gary. Gary and Leah were to stay at Gary's mom's house until the court ordered different. Amber was granted supervised visitations. Amber was ordered to clean up her house and make it a safe, healthy environment for Leah to live in. She hired someone to clean her apartment, and purchased a bed for her Toddler over the weekend.

Amber went back to court early the following week and was given custody of her daughter back. She does have many stipulations, such as visitations from CPS a couple times a week. Amber was given a very serious warning that if she shows any inappropriate behaviour she could lose Leah again.

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