Friday, December 10, 2010

Vampire Diaries - ``By The Light Of The Moon`` Season 2 episode 11

Tyler is preparing for the full moon, he calls his Uncle Mason on his home phone because his cell phone inbox is full. He leaves a message about how he seen the video of him on the full moon and is scared. A strange women was in the house listening to the message.

Elena and Bonnie are talking and Elena wants Stefan out first, but Bonnie insists that the moonstone curse gets lifted first. Elena gets the moonstone when Bonnie leaves the room for a minute and tries to leave the house. Jeremy and Bonnie stop her saying they were testing her and she failed. She goes to leave anyways and realizes that she cant because Damon had Bonnie put a spell on her.

The strange girl that's was listening to Tyler's message shows up at the Lockwood's. She informs them Mason never made it back to Florida and reports him missing. Tyler leaves to go to the grill to meet Caroline and get ready for the full moon. When Jules leaves the Lockwood residence she uses her phone and calls someone to tell them Mason lied there is another wolf, it's his nephew Tyler.

Jenna is telling Alaric that she has to go because, she is showing a member of the historical committee around and lending them all the documents her sister kept. After she leaves Alaric over hears Tyler telling Caroline that some strange women came by to report Mason missing. Alaric phones Damon and tells him, they decide to meet at the grill.

Caroline and Tyler are in the cellar getting ready for the full moon. She brought wolfs bain for him to drink, and he brought chains rated for 5000 pounds. The two talk and Tyler strips down to his shorts. As the time goes on he starts getting sick. Caroline rubs him and comforts him, telling him to breathe.

Bonnie goes to see Luka he forgives her for channeling him. The pair go into a room full of stacks of grim wars, he explains how his dad see's all witches as family and he wants to keep their heritage together. Bonnie asks him to help break a spell.

Alaric and Damon hatch a plan to see if Jules; mason's friend is a werewolf. Alaric buys her a drink that has wolfs bain in it, the Damon swoops over to talk to her and see what happens when she drinks it. Damon tries to make small talk leading to questions about mason. Jules plays along but in the end she tells Damon she knows what he is, and she is not going to fall for the wolfs bain. She tells Damon tonight is not the night to pick a fight with her and he's been marked.

Stefan and Katherine are in the tomb, she puts into his head that Damon and Elena are out there together, and no ones rushing to get him out. They start getting all close and she starts undressing and they get all hot. Then Stefan tells her to stay out of his head, and you can see it didn't happen it was a mind game she was playing with him.

Aunt Jenna is in the closet and telling Elana that she is getting these files for the historical society, then Elijah walks out the there closet. He tells then thank you for the files, he will pick them up tomorrow and leaves. Elana runs upstairs to tell Jeremy and Elijah stops her and tells her he wants to make a deal with her.  He offers her and all her friends and family safety, in exchange for helping to draw out Clous. She agrees with one more condition.

Bonnie and Luka are on a rooftop with candles all around. They are trying to break the spell on the moonstone, but Bonnie wont tell Luka what the spell is. They start chanting the moonstone starts rising, and bursts into fireworks all around them.

Tyler is in alot of pain he is burning up and you can hear bones breaking. He's screaming out and crying in excruciating pain. Caroline is crying and doesn't know what to do, Tyler says there is nothing she can do and to leave he doesn't want to hurt her. Caroline doesn't want to leave, but Tyler starts becoming less Tyler and more wolf and she gives in and leaves.

Alaric convinces Damon not to look for Jules because it's a full moon, to go home and lock his doors. Damon gives in and goes home, but when he gets there he finds Rose. She apologizes for taking Elana to Slater's before, and says she has no where else to go. Damon tells her to leave and then they hear a window break. It's a werewolf and Rose got bit, but to both of their shock it's healing. Damon comforts an upset Rose.

Luka goes home and tells his dad that he was successful, Bonnie fell for the show and didn't suspect a thing. He dad thanks him and tells him there is one more thing Elijah needs them to do before the full moon ends.

Katherine tells Stefan she has done all that she has done so that she could live. He tells her to do one thing for someone else and maybe he would find forgiveness for her. Katherine tells him Isobel Elana\s mother was a  research expert so start there. And then Elijah shows up, Katherine is frightened. Elijah tells Stefan he is free, Elena requested it the spell has been lifted. And tells Katherine she is to stay there and wait for Clouse. Katherine begs Stefan not to leave her and she leaves anyways.

Caroline goes back to the cellar to see if Tyler is OK. She finds him lying on the floor he looks horrible, is scared and crying. She tells him it will be OK, and he tells her it's not OK. She holds him and hugs him.

Stefan shows up to Elena's room and the two start kissing and head to her bed.

Damon is apologizing to Rose, saying that Jules the werewolf was coming after him and that he is glad she is OK. She tells him she is going to stay and help him because she likes him, and wants to help him. Rose tell Damon only as friends because she doesn't love men who love other women... but she will be his special friend. The two start kissing, when they notice Rose's bite is swelling up and breaking the skin.

Recap of last weeks episode The Sacrifice

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