Wednesday, December 15, 2010

16 and Pregnant -Megan - Season 2 Episode 18

Megan is 16 and a junior in high school. She was a quiet good girl and then found Nathan. He is her 19 year old boyfriend, and the love of her life. Nathan has already graduated high school and spends his days and nights playing video games instead of getting a job.

Megan's mom let Nathan move in when his parents kicked him out. Her dad is serving in the Military and deployed to Afghanistan, and was against Nathan moving in. And that’s when Megan got pregnant.

 Megan has high hopes that Nathan will stop playing video games, get a job and be a great Dad. Her family on the other hand thinks when things get hard he is going to leave. Megan’s big sister who is also in the military talks to Nathan and tells him that he needs to get a job and he should consider the military. Nathan says he doesn’t want to be gone. She tells him she has a problem with him living off of her dad’s money he makes while serving in Afghanistan.

When everyone is pressuring Nathan to get a job and the pressure gets high he decides to leave a note for Megan that he's staying with a friend for a week. She decided to pay Nathan a visit at his friend’s house. When they are talking about what’s next for them, Nathan tells her that if she wasn’t pregnant he wouldn't be with her.

Megan is devastated and starts doubting Nathan too. It's time for her baby shower though, so she goes even though she isn’t feeling up to it. Some of her friends are there and she is starting to realize just how much she is going to have to give up, and how her friends and her have really grown apart.

Eventually Nathan came back, apologizing for leaving her... He expressed to her that he loves her and he won’t do it again. Megan decides to believe in Nathan and things start looking up for her.

Megan is a week past her due date and finds out she is only 1cm at her OB appointment. She is sad because he sister is being deployed and won’t be able to support her through all she is going through.

She decides she is ready for Blake to get here, so she researches natural ways to induce labor and tries some out. She jumps, bounces on her ball and even drinks castor oil to no avail. Then she wakes up in the morning with bad contractions and goes to the hospital. She gets there and is already 9.5 cm. Things start happening and she starts pushing....Nathan starts feeling sick. But in the end everything works out great and baby Blake is born into a room full of tears of joy and emotion.

When they get home Nathan almost immediately goes back to his old ways. He plays video games all the time leaving Megan to tend to baby Blake and get up and go to school. He won’t feed or change Blake leaving Megan’s mom to pick up the slack and watch Blake while Megan in at school.

Megan confronts Nathan and asks him to ask some of his friends with jobs to find him a job. Nathan ends up finding work with a friend but it’s in Texas. Megan doesn’t want him to go, but her Dad encourages it. Telling Megan it is his responsibility to take care of her and Blake.

The episode ends with Megan telling us how she has sacrificed a lot to be a mom. How she loves Blake so much but wishes she waited until she was older. Then she tears up when she talks about how her friends and her have grown apart, she says "everybody needs friends."

So did you watch Megan’s episode of 16 and Pregnant? What did you think about it? Should Nathan go to Texas to get a job?

Next week is the season finale of 16 and Pregnant!

Teen Mom Season 3 is starting January 11.

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