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One Tree Hill - "Darkness on the Edge of Town" Season 8 Episode 11

One Tree Hill: The Complete Seventh SeasonWow, first off this episode was amazing! It had you at the edge of your seat from beginning to end. It was the best of the season by far!

 A big storm is hitting Tree Hill. Nathan and Haley are watching Jamie in the spelling bee, he came in second place because he wanted to let Madison win, what a cutie! They are leaving to go home and Jamie wants to go with Mrs. Lauren has said she would take him, Chuck and Madison. Haley doesn't really want to but lets Jamie go with them anyways.

Brooke and Julian are in the middle of a fight of a big fight, he wants to move to L.A because there are more business opportunities for both of them there, and now that Brooke doesn't have the company there is nothing holding them there. Brooke is angry because Tree Hill is her home, and accuses him of supporting her in selling her company with the intent to get her to move. She gets is angry and leaves the house to go for a drive. Julian asks her not to go out in the huge storm, because its suppose to get really bad with flooding and reports that the Levy's might break. Brooke leaves anyways because she is so angry and just wants to clear her head.
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Quinn is on the phone with Clay, who cant get home because of the storm. She tells him she will be OK, but she hates storms and keeps imagining things. She gets off the phone and her security camera signals goes out and car alarm starts going off. She runs outside and hits the button to shut off her car alarm. As she is running back in the house you see the crazy stalker girl hiding in the shadows. Quinn gets back inside and notices water is dripping from the ceiling so places a bowl under it. At this point crazy girl is upstairs in the house. Quinn is suspicious although she thinks she's imagining thing's but grabs a knife and an apple from the kitchen and heads to bed.

Nathan and Haley are driving home, when they pop a tire. They try to make calls to Jaime and the company to change the tire, but no cell phone reception because of the bad storm. So Nathan gets out to change the tire, after he is out for a while Haley gets out to help. Nathan makes a joke about how it is so A Christmas Story and calls her Ralph and tells her to get back in the car.

Brooke is on the phone with Julian, she says she cant see to come home the weather is really bad she's on the bridge. Julian is telling her to wait there, but reception is cutting in and out. Julian hears Brooke scream and the the line goes dead.

Brooke slams on her breaks and there in Chuck standing on the road with blood coming from his head, he tells her there has been an accident and points to Lauren's SUV which is tipped onto it's side. There is a wire down just a few feet away from the vehicle sparking. Brooke tells chuck to go get into her SUV, she is going to go help Mrs. Lauren. When Brooke gets there Lauren is unconscious, and she she's Madison and Jaime in the back seat. Jamie is trapped in his seat belt and she cant get if off. She gets Madison out and tells her to go to her vehicle to call 911 on her phone. She wakes up Lauren who says she is fine and the air bag must have knocked her out. Madison starts screaming to Brooke that Chuck cant stay awake. Lauren says she can take him to the hospital. The two tell each other to be careful and Lauren takes Brooke's vehicle with Chuck and Madison to the hospital.

Crazy lady Sara wannabe is in Quinn's room, and walks over to the bed and pulls back the covers but only finds pillows. She gets excited she gets to play hide and seek. Quinn is hiding under the bed with a knife in her hand. Crazy grabs her by the feet from behind, and Quinn manages to stab her in the leg with the knife, then starts running. Of course crazy pulls a gun on her. But in true crazy fashion she decides to throw the bullets out and tells Quinn since a gun didn't do the job last time they will do it her way now and try knives (this chick is seriously crazy)?! So they run around the house hiding and seeking. Quinn tries to drive away, but crazy blocked the car in. They fight, then crazy decides to leave telling Quinn that no matter what she will be watching her, to be afraid when she closes her eyes, that she will be her storm. Quinn turns around and goes after her the two end up in the pool. Crazy gets out and Quinn is still lying in the pool wrapped up in the pool cover. Crazy goes inside and starts making juice and listening to music. Quinn is alive those her face was out of the water, and she did that to trick crazy. She gets out of the pool, baits crazy by letting her see her leads her into the bedroom and shoots her in the same place as she was shot. As crazy is being taken away by ambulance Quinn leans in and tells her she will be her storm.

Brooke is working to try to get Jaime's seat belt off and free him from the vehicle, when Julian drives up. The two are so relieved to see each other, and both apologizing. Just then a truck comes driving along and and doesn't see the tipped over SUV, hits it into the water with Brooke and Jaime inside. It drives off (I don't know if this is significant of just not well thought out...who would have done that to Brooke and Jaime?). Julian jumps into the water and Brooke and Jaime are both alive but panicking. Julian reassures hem that the SUV in on the bottom the water wont get any higher. Him and Brooke are all lovey and apologizing as he works are freeing her leg so she can help get Jaime out. That's when they hear rushing water and realize the Levy's broke. The water is getting higher and Julian is trying to save Brooke, she insists she loves him and Jamie is still young to save him. Julian doesn't want to leave Brooke but goes and with super strength breaks the seat belt freeing Jaime. He takes him to shore, and goes back into the water for Brooke. the water is over her head and she is trying her best to hold her breath. Jaime is on the bridge looking down screaming for Brooke and Julian. Julian finally gets Brooke free, and carry's her lifeless body up to the bridge, and tells Jaime to wait away from them as he tries to do CPR.  Nathan and Haley drive up and see Jaime standing on the bridge they are shocked and ask him what happened and the poor little guy told them Aunt Brooke's dead. They put Jaime in the car and stood on the bridge watching Julian cry over an unresponsive Brooke, he's punching the pavement when he see's her hand move. He decides to keep trying mouth to mouth and she wakes up throwing up lots of water.

Ambulances arrive and take Brooke to the hospital with Julian by her side, promising never to leave it again.

Haley and Nathan went to sleep with Jaime safe and sound in between them, and Quinn slept in front of the big ocean view doors curtains and door wide open.

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I can not wait for more! So what did you think of tonight's episode?

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