Wednesday, December 8, 2010

16 and Pregnant - "Kayla" Season 2 Episode 17

Kayla is a 17 year old southern belle, she loves pageants, horseback riding, and her mom. She is in her senior year and is looking forward to all the things that come along with that especially prom. Her boyfriend JR has already graduated high school and has a job as a mechanic. Both Kayla and J.R. have alot of love and respect for their own parents, and each other's parents, so refreshing to watch!

The relationship between both families is absolutely beautiful. Kayla's parent's are very supportive and encouraging to both her and JR. They are not happy that she is pregnant but know they cant change it, so are making the best of. Kayla's Mom Bev, listens to Kayla's fears and concerns, she offers advice and support they truly have great relationship.

J.R.'s parents have old fashioned values and wants the couple to get married before they live together. They offer then a house to live in that they own, but not until they are married. However they will be supportive of whatever the two think is best for them and the baby.

Kayla is missing not being able to participate in pageant's so her mom schedules her a pregnancy photo shoot. J.R. joins into the photo session, and after gets down on one knew to tell Kayla he loves her and her family and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. It was a sweet moment complete with tears and she accepts with parents watching from the sidelines.

Later that night Kayla starts having contractions, with her due date still 5 weeks away. She is worried and wakes her mom up. She tells her that she is bleeding and they take off the hospital where J.R meets them. When she gets into labor and delivery they realize she is already 7 cm dilated, 2 hours later she starts pushing and welcome in the world her son Rylan Jason.

Kayla wants to breastfeed but because of Rylan being 5 weeks early his is unable to latch, so she pumps breast milk and bottle feeds him. (That is alot of work!) Kayla falls completely in love with little Rylan and motherhood suits her so well. J.R. works and is there for the baby as much as he can be and really steps up to his new role as Dad.

Both families come together to discuss helping with child care so Kayla can return to school. It is so great to see both families working together for the sake of their children and grandchildren.

Kayla realizes that leaving Rylan to return to school is going to be hard, but is glad to be able to have some type of social life again. When she returns she quickly realizes how much her life has changed, and how her and her friends have drifted apart.

J.R. has been fixing up the house on the weekends and wants to move in soon, but Kayla is not ready to move out and give up the help of her mom. She finally tells J.R. that she isn't ready to leave yet and she thinks that need to figure things out in their relationship more. He tells her that he wants to be the one taking care of his family. In the end Kayla decides she has to do what is best for her and Rylan, even if it hurt J.R. and stays at her moms. At least until she graduates and enjoys her summer, then she will see what happens from their.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Kayla and J.R. will make it? Should Kayla have moved in with J.R. or is she making the right decision?

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