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Vampire Diaries - The Sacrafice - Season 2 episode 10

Elena wakes up because she hears a strange noise and the tension builds as she leaves her room cautiously looking to see what is making the noise. To her surprise, and relief it is just Aunt Jenna and Alaric. They exchange a few words and Elena heads back to her room, unaware that the new Dr. in town, Dr. Martin the warlock is helping himself to some of her hair.

The Salvator brothers pay Katherine a visit down at the tomb to demand she give them the moonstone. Katherine decides that her hunger is too much, and the boredom of the tomb is worth giving up the moonstone in exchange for her freedom. She tells the brothers that when she is released she will leave them and Mystic Falls alone forever.

Stephan and Damon return to Elena's and devise a plan to keep Katherine trapped in the tomb and still retrieve the moonstone, and release it from the curse to save Elena. She hates the plan and tells the boys not to go through with it because she feels  it will just get them killed, and everyone else she loves.

Bonnie is at Mystic Falls High with her new friend Luka (Dr. Martins son), who she now knows is a warlock. They are discussing how her powers are new to her and the nose bleeds and passing out that happens to her. He explains to her that she needs to learn to draw energy from the elements. They exchange jewelry as talismans, and he teaches her about channeling another witch or warlocks power, hand in hand they create a whirlwind of leaves all around them. Bonnie if left speechless as Jeremy walks up. Luka then leaves neither realizing they forgot to return the others jewelry. Bonnie then gets a text from Damon.

Elena goes over to the Salvatore mansion to talk to Rose who thought it was Damon returning, and was wearing very little. She gets dressed, Elana asks Rose if she will help her learn more about the moonstone. She tells Rose in exchange for taking her to talk to her vampire friend Slater, she will have Bonnie make her a Daywalking ring. Rose agrees, saying it's been over 500 years since she was able to be in the sun.

Tyler is out at the basketball court, Matt comes along apologizing for starting a fight at the masquerade ball, he tells Tyler how so sorry he is and how he feels so bad. Caroline shows up asking Tyler if he is prepared for the upcoming full moon. She offers to help Tyler with making sure he is prepared for what's to come.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Bonnie, Damon, Stefan and Jeremy are planning how they will get the moonstone from Katherine. The plan is Bonnie will lift the curse long enough for Damon and Stefan to get in and steal the moonstone from Katherine while she is weak. Jeremy says that Bonnie's not strong enough and he doesn't want her getting hurt, suggesting he be the one to get the moonstone because he has an invincibility ring. No one agrees with Jeremy's plan and Bonnie insists she can do it, secretly knowing she can channel Luka.

Rose and Elana arrive at Slater's house, only to find him dead. Elana tries to get onto his computer to find information when she hears a noise. They go looking and discover Slater's human girlfriend Alice hiding.

Back at the Salvatore's mansion, Bonnie does a spell using a photograph of Katherine's turning it to ash. She explains how the ash will temporarily incapacitate Katherine. As she's doing the spell she starts having a nose bleed. As Damon and Stefan are loading up the car to go retrieve the moonstone, Jeremy is telling Bonnie he doesn't want her doing this, he doesn't want something to happen to her. She reminds him this is to save Elena, there is no choice. The two lean in for an almost kiss, and Jeremy sneaks some of the magical ashes.

Tyler takes Caroline to and old cellar he believes his Uncle Mason would chain himself up. The cellar has chains, and he tells Caroline this is where he is planning to be for his first transformation. Caroline finds a journal which is hidden, her and Tyler start looking through the journal and realize that Mason journals about his first transformations, inside the pages they find a USB drive.

Elena and Rose comfort Slater's girlfriend, who Elana is informed is obsessed with being turned into a vampire, and was only dating him in the hopes he would turn her. Elena then gets Alice's help getting past Slater's computer security by telling her Rose would turn her, knowing that Rose would not go along with this. Elana then gets Alice to send a message to another vampire who could get a message to Klaus. The message was "the doppelganger is alive; and ready to surrender." This is when Rose realizes that Elana plans to sacrifice herself to stop Klaus and save her loves ones. Rose then secretly gets word to Damon of what is happening.

Jeremy then shows up at the tomb with some of the ash Bonnie made to incapacitate Katherine. He heads down to the tomb and gets a good start by staking Katherine in the gut, then he throws the magic dust at her and quickly heads into the tomb to find the moonstone all alone. He finds it and that's when Katherine gets up and starts having herself a Jeremy snack.

Bonnie and Stefan arrive at the tomb only to realize that Katherine has Jeremy inside and is using him as a buffet. While this is happening Damon is on his way to Slater's to save Elana, and Dr. Martin is helping Elijah find Elana using his blood and her hair as a talisman, Elijah sees Elana and knows exactly where she is.

Luka comes home from school feeling slightly drained. His Dad suspects something is wrong, but Luka insists he is fine. He then starts getting undeniably weak and that's when we confesses that he was channeling with Bonnie. She is using his power to try to lift the curse on the tomb so Stefan can rescue Jeremy and get the moonstone. As Bonnie is preforming the spell her and Luka's nose's start bleeding and Dr.Martin does a spell and then both Luka and Bonnie pass out.

Damon arrives at Slater's and tells Elena she's leaving. She refuses and tells him she has to do this to save the people she loves, that she is sick of everyone saving her. He  tells her she doesn't have a choice, she tries to punch him so he grabs her hand and easily stops the punch. Then the two have an almost kiss, angry stare off.

Bonnie starts waking up from her spell and realizes that even channelling Luka she is not strong enough and the spell has failed. Katherine, takes the opportunity to taunt the 2 by torturing Jeremy. Stefan without thinking rushes in to save Jeremy by pushing him out. But the spell isn't lifted, so he is now stuck inside with Katherine.

Caroline and Tyler are at her house and they plug in the USB drive from Mason's journal. They quickly realize that Mason recorded his complete first transformation. Tyler watched as Mason drank wolf bane to weaken himself, then chained himself up and went through hours of blood curdling, screaming pain. Tyler got really scared and worried about what he was about the face. Caroline tries to help put his fears at ease, reassuring him that Mason's journal said each transformation is shorter and not as painful. Just then, Matt rings the doorbell and sees Tyler when Caroline opens the door.

Damon, Rose, Elana, and Slater's human girlfriend Alice are still at Slater's house when Slater's contact Cody shows up with two other vampires for backup. Damon steps in between them and Elena, and then Elijah arrives. Cody begins telling him he was going to bring her to Klaus, then Elijah rips Codym and his 2 back ups hearts out with his hands. Damon gets ready to fight Elijah, but Elijah walks away and leaves then all alone again.

Elijah goes back to Dr.Martins house, and explains he left Damon alive because he knows Elena will be safe with him, that both Salvatore brothers will protect her with their lives. So it seems Elijah wants Elena alive, at least for the time being.

Bonnie takes Jeremy home, insisting she makes sure he gets home safe without doing anything stupid on the way. He tells her the only reason he did that alone was because he didn't want her to do a spell that could kill her. They then almost kiss and Bonnie quickly leaves, not wanting to have feelings for Jeremy.

Damon escorts Elena home and the 2 argue over her stupid sacrifice attempt. Jeremy comes in and interrupts to tell them what happened, and that Stefan was now trapped inside the tomb with Katherine. Elena rushes to the tomb but Damon stops her and wont let her go inside. Elena leaves, and the two brothers have a rare heart to heart moment, as Stefan asks Damon to promise to keep Elena away from the tomb, and Damon says it wont be easy but still makes the promise to Stefan.

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