Thursday, December 16, 2010

Teen Mom Amber Portwood Violently attacks ex Gary Again

Amber is suppose to be on her best behaviour, but this doesn't sound like good behavior to us. Amber has reportedly attached Gary again.

She went to his house to confront him about leading her on while he was still involved with new girl friend Ashly. Amber said that Gary has been texting her saying he is done with Ashley and sending her flowers. She wanted Gary to admit to playing herself and Ashley.

This is when things turned ugly as she realized that Gary and Ashley were still together and Attacked Gary. She then got into Ashley's face as if she was going to attack her. Ashley managed to take Amber outside and calm her down.

Then things got even stranger when Gary came out and the 3 got locked out of Amber\s car. Gary started bashing Ashley, telling the girls he was only using her to make Amber jealous. This is when Amber got angry all over again and almost hit Gary again.

Sources say Gary later phone Ashley and apologized, but she was getting text messages from Amber all day saying things like "don't text me for your sake".

This all seems strange and I wonder what Amber's mew boyfriend Clinton Yunker thinks or all of this?

Amber gets Leah back.
Amber vs Gary's new girl.

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