Monday, December 6, 2010

Teen Mom, Amber Portwood vs Gary's New Girl

More drama involving teen mom Amber Portwood, this time involving Gary's new girlfriend. It's reported on Friday Gary and girlfriend were hanging out, and Amber started late night texting him. This is normal behaviour for Amber, but Gary's girl didn't think it was right, so called her and told her to stop texting him, he's moved on.
Now remember Amber has already moved on with her new boyfriend Clinton, right?

Well according to sources close to her she still wants to be with daughter Leah's daddy, Gary.  According to people close to the pair Gary's new girl is prettier then Amber and she is jealous, even making Gary delete her from his contacts list on his phone. Gary liked this new girl, but is angry with her for calling and  antagonizing Amber knowing how her temper is. It sounds to me like this source is Gary's friend Jordan, who we have seen on Teen know the one who doesn't like Amber.

It gets stranger Amber then started trying to become friends with Gary's girl, asking if she wants to hang out and go get guys together. Hmm, I wonder how Amber's boyfriend Clinton feels about this? With all this drama going on, I wonder how Leah's doing?

Amber Gets Leah Back

Teen Mom Season 2 or is it 3?

Teen Mom Amber's Boyfriend spending to much time with Leah, says Gary

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