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Gossip Girl - Season 4 Episode 11 - The Townie

Gossip Girl - The Complete First SeasonDan and Blair are taking a stroll down the street talking about what they know...It was Juliet  in the picture looking like Serina doing coke, that was sent out as a blast by gossip girl. Juliet was dressed as Serina at the Saints and Sinners party, trying to ruin her relationships with Dan and Nate, with the help of vanessa and jenni. They wonder how Serina ended up drugged alone in a hotel room, with no memories of what happened, and she insists she didn't do any drugs. Then the photo shows up online and Serina doubts herself and checks in to Ostroff Center. Dan doesn't understand why Juliet would take things so far, but  Blair claims only thing would make you take things this far and that's retribution.

Serina is in The Ostrof center talking with Eric about how Lily is with the Post talking about Bass Industries, to do damage control. She expresses to Eric how it's so typical of her mom to be worried about what everyone else thinks, and she want him to make sure she stays honest about everything.Eric assures her he will, but that what the family does effects the business and Lily needs to talk to the media. Just then a  Nurse from the center comes in and asks serina if she's made a decision.

Blair and Dan are at the Ostrof center trying to get in to visit Serina but cant get past front desk nurse,  because they are not on Serina's list. Eric comes out and informs them Serina is on 72 hours no contact order. Dan and Blair insist they get to talk to her because she doesn't need to be there, it is all Juliet's fault. Eric says that she is there now, and he thinks it will be good for her, so let her be.

Gossip Girl Poster TV R 11x17 Leighton Meester Penn Badgley Chace Crawford Taylor MomsenNate and is Mom are talking about how her holiday plans. She informs him party invitations are being followed up by asking if his father will be attending, and Lily's from Bass Industries has a hand written note hoping she will understand not being invited under the circumstances. Nate joked that he thought mean girls grew up a little, his mom says it's the opposite, but she is looking forward to family.  Nate then breaks the news to his Mom that he was talking to his dads business manager, and his Dad is leasing a house outside city. His Mom doesn't look surprised says using her address to parole and her money to get his own place, that he is already back to his same old ways. Nate apologizes saying he thought he changed,and she tells him she is calling lawyers for the divorce. Nate tells her he will tell his Dad.

Blair and Dan are together discussing how without talking to Serena they can't do anything for 3 days, and who knows how far Juliet could get in that time. Dan suggests telling his Dad and Lily. Blair says no police and parents, and suggests wigs and sunglasses to sneak in to see Serena, or tracking down Juliet's cousin Collin to find her. Dan suggest going to gossip girl...tell her the photo of Serena was fake, she will be furious and help them find Juliet. So Blair sends a message to Gossip Girl and then they wait.
Juliet arrives back in her home town, just as Gossip Girl replies back to Blair with the address wgich is in Cornwall. Dan and Blair decide they are taking a road trip to find Juliet.

Serena is talking with a councilor from the Ostrof Center. The councillor is asking her what she thinks about the picture and why she is there. Serena explains she doesn't know what to think, she doesn't think she would do that, but why is there a picture. She says the only reason she is doubting herself is because of her past.

Flashback to Serena in her wild days. Being with, two men in one night, one was Nate...betraying her best friend Blair, and of course leaving a friend who was overdosing on drugs so she wouldn't get caught. Serena explains to the councilor how she was afraid she couldn't pull herself back together so she left and went to a place in Cornwall Connecticut.

Lily and Chuck talking about the meeting with the post, boasting about how well they did. Lily is proud of herself because she feels she didn't lie when she said Serena was just tired. Chuck brings up Lily's hesitation when asked when he will take back Bass industries, but Lily assures him she is just helping and will be happy to give it back when the time is right.

Blair Dan arrive at the address given to them by Gossip Girl, it's a big house in Cornwall. So walk in and realize its not Juliet's house lots of partying, beer pong, but Gossip girl didn't say it was her house. Blair tells Dan not to look for Juliet but loo for clues just then Blair see's Damien Dalgard is there Serena's old drug dealer.

Nate goes to the jail to confront his dad about the house he rented got out of town and how his mom changed her mind and is proceeding with the divorce. His Dad says it was a surprise for his Mother he rented  it because it was the house they vacationed at when first married, and she said it was her dream house. He said he wanted to get out of town, just the two of them. Nate apologizes for jumping to conclusions and tells him he will talk to mom and clear everything up.His Dad says don't bother, the relationship has been over for a long time, and this proves there is no going back. He will go to a halfway house.

Dan and Blair are walking with Damien, and learn he went to Knightly Boarding School with Serena. Damien tells them he knows Juliet, but he's not getting involved with whatever it is they are there for. Blair tells him Serena ended up in hospital with an overdose and says she didn't do it. She then explains that they think Juliet is behind it, so if he sold drugs to Juliet he in involved. Damien decided to tell them what he knows that Juliet made a big buy some pills,coke, and ether from him, explains he thought she was throwing a party. He then tells them he will take them to Juliet's to find out what the connection is, and why she is out to get Serena. Juliet's a townie and lives around their. Juliet is driving by and is surprised as she watches them leaving Damien's house. 

Flashback to Serena being a bad girl, partying while her tutor is doing her work, he suggests only getting her a B so her grades are gradually increasing she then starts kissing him and says she wants and A.

Damien, Blair and Dan arrive at Juliet's, her mother answers the door and the three end up going inside. Damien see's a picture of Ben, a former teacher he never knew was Juliet's brother until now. Dan and Blair then learn that he was fired for sleeping with a student after Serena left, and everyone though it was her. Now they understand why Juliet had it out for Serena.

Serena  is still talking to counsellor, now it's about a Mr. Donavan. How he would show her positive attention and work with her on her studies, and it felt good to have guy pay attention to her for good reasons, so slowly they started spending more and more time together. 

Damien starts telling Dan and Blair about what happened when Mr. Donavan was fired. How Serina was a huge party girl not a keg was cracked that she didn't know about, then all of a sudden she started staying home and studying. He gave her the benefit of the doubt when everyone was talking about how Serena was sleeping with the teacher, but then one night he seen them heading into a hotel as he was checking out. 

Serena is telling the councillor how one night they were going to a Library and blew a tire. He walked her into a hotel and she tried to talk him into getting a room, he admitted feelings but said he was going to fix the tire to bring her own to her own bed because it was right. She reflects that he was the only guy to ever say no to her, and that she was in love with him. After that things got weird and she didn't know how to act around him and they stopped talking. 

Ben calls Juliet, who tells him that she seen Dan and Blair with Damien, that Damien sold her the drugs, and they probably know everything by now. Ben starts getting worried saying he told her the drug were too far. Juliet says she is finishing this once and for all. Ben is frantic that Juliet is going to hurt Serena. Nate walks by from leaving his Dad, Ben see's Nate and yells at him to find Serena and make sure she's OK.
Nate calls Dan and explains what happened with Ben, telling him to make sure Serena's OK.  They decide she will be OK where she is, and decide to meet at the Vanderwitsons to find Juliet.

Juliet shows up at ostroff center, and tells Serena everything about drugging her and tells her Ben is her brother and she destroyed his life. Serena asks what she did to him.
Flashback Ben being read charges statutory rape, transporting a minor across state lines, the Administration shows him the affidavit signed by Serena. Ben says nothing happened he will take it to court. The administration advise him not to because they have a witness who saw them at the hotel. He then advises Ben to take a plea bargain to keep him off sexual predator list.
Serena is confused and tells Juliet that nothing happened and she didn't sign anything

Nate shows up at Lily's to talk to his mom about the house his father rented. He tells her that is was the house they vacationed at when they were first married. She says it doesn't matter that it's over, she needs this life more then she needs his father. Serena then shows up at the party to talk to Lily with Juliet.  Serena tells everyone that Lily is a selfish mother who would destroy everyone for herself. Lily sends Eric to see whats wrong with Serena while she tries to do damage control.

Serena tells Blair that Juliet told her everything she did. Then says she will find a way to get Ben out of prison. Juliet says she will not do anything else to harm Serena or anyone else. Serena tells them all that she will explain everything once she talks to her mom.
Serena confronts Lily asking if Ben Donavan was dirty laundry she didn't want aired and why she would falsely accused him of statutory rape. Lily stumbles to try to explain herself, how she went to talked to the administration because Constance wasn't going to take Serena back. She overheard some  girls talking about Serena and a teacher being at a hotel. She talked to the administration about what she heard trying to use it as leverage to get a good recommendation for Serena to go to Constance. But before she knew it they had pressed charges, and it was too late. Serena is sickened and tells her Ben never did anything he is innocent. 

Rufus then tells Chuck that Lily is selling Bass industries. Chuck says he wants it back NOW. She says the board isn't going to give it back, and  Chuck says he wont let her have it, oh oh..looks like a war in brewing. Lily asks Serena to believe that she never meant to hurt anyone, she only wanted what was best for her. Serena leaves telling lily she doesn't have to do anything for her again. Rufus leaves appalled by Lily, and telling her he cant believe anything she says anymore. Lily is left alone with no one trusting her.

Dan, Nate, Chuck, Blair, and Serena are having dinner together. Serena asks Dan to come with her to find the judge to get him to drop the charges on Ben, she is determined to right the wrong her Mom has done. Dan thinks Serena needs to do this on her own and she agrees and leaves without Dan. Chuck is leaving for New Zealand. Blair tells chuck not to make a deal with Jack it would be like making a deal with the devil and Jack will never help him, then Chuck leaves.
Nate and his dad are talking on the phone about the different halfway houses, and Nate tells his Dad to come to the Empire and live with him, its already been arranged.

Blair and Dan both relaize they are the only ones left in town, and that they plan on attending the same movie.Together they finish up the dishes from the dinner they shared with freinds and bond through arguments in true Blair fashion.
Serina shows up to see Ben, for the first time. Finally she knows what hapened to him, and soon he will know the truth.

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