Tuesday, December 7, 2010

90120 - "Holiday Madness" Season 3 Episode 11

So tis the season for giving, and Adrianna is going to give, to ADRIANNA. She rents a luxurious stone mansion for 20, 000 a month on a 6 month lease. It's huge complete with an ice skating rink, pool and even a balcony in the foyer! She gets herself a little chihuahua she names Beyonce, and decides to throw a huge house warming party complete with her singing Santa Baby with little elves.

Annie and Dixon get the call that Liam was beat up and is in the hospital, they pick him up and insist he stays with them.Annie decides she will miss Aid's huge party to stay at home and take care of Liam.

Aid is being a complete diva and treats Victor like scum and then refuses his gift. This makes Victor furious and he decides he's done playing Adrianna's game and steals back Javier's song book, then sells her story to every tabloid in town. Too bad for Adrianna, she had almost made it and let the diva within get the best of her, I wonder how she'll pay for that mansion!

Navid and Silver are still having those longing stares from across the room. Navid told Silver he's not happy with Aid anymore, and he cant stop thinking about her. The tension between the two keeps building until they release it all and finally kiss. Hmm, what now Navid and Silver...looks like Aid may lose it all at once.

At school Teddy tells Ian, that he wants to continue doing what there doing, but he's not ready for other people to know yet. Ian replies by telling Teddy he came out of the closet in 9th grade and is not going back it and apoligizes. Later at Aid's party Ian decides Teddy deserves a little time, and if it means going back into the closet then he will. The two start kissing on Adrianna's stairs, but they are not alone and Dixon is shocked to see Teddy has a secret of his own.

Back at Annie's house she is taking care of Liam who decides now is a great time to confess his love for her. This of course leads to the pair having sex, and for the time Liam doesn't seem injured at all. As the two finish up their love session, Annie gets a text from Charlie asking how Liam is. Hmm Annie, how is Liam?

The newest unexpected BFF's Ivy and Naomi stroll the halls of West Bev. Ivy tells her about how she is going to dinner with her father. He turned into a total loser just like her mom warned her. The only reason he even wanted to see her was to get Ivy to talk her mom into paying for her collage so he didn't have to. Ivy was heartbroken, but it pushed her back to her mom again. The two had an emotional mother, daughter bonding moment. The pair then celebrate their tradition of winter solstice, and go all crazy therapeutic on a pinata.

Oscar tries to get Naomi to go out with him, she was going to but decides she would rather have Ivy for a friend then a hunky Oscar. She phone's him to tell him as she walks to her house after Aid's party. But someone is waiting for her...a creepy Mr. Cannon who is hiding in the shadows.

And that wraps up the episode. I'm so sad not to have it back until the end of January! So many cliff hangers, what are you most exciting for?

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